Big Branch Productions
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Dry Hopping - Comedy Series
Rachelle Heuer takes out a massive loan to purchase a fading Midwestern brewery and rebrands it as a craft brewery, taking on the established macro brewery in town. She has a number of challenges to deal with, including her curmudgeon brew master who fights her at every turn (and scoffs at the idea of serving a beer with “hints of fruit”), her idiot brother who runs the brewpub and is more concerned with getting girls than working, and the stubborn local liquor store and bar owners, who aren’t interested in fancy, new brews. As Rachelle’s loan payments come due, her sales tactics get crazier and crazier.

Cop Shit - Comedy Series
“The Wire” meets “South Park.” A live-action cop show where mascots actually live among humans. The city’s underworld is insane, but it turns out that the cops are more insane than the criminals. The only two level-headed cops are Detective Frank Five (bear mascot) and Captain Stamps. It’s their job to stop the criminals, and cops, from killing everyone.